BNL Finance has independent research on more than 55 companies. Our 10 highest rated stocks outperformed the market by more than 130% in the year ended September 23, 2016. Our lowest rated stocks greatly underperformed the market during the same year.

Our research ratings are most reliable because we remove emotion. BNL Finance rates each company in 10 different categories, from 0-10, with a cumulative score that ranges from 0-100. The higher the score, the better the opportunity. It is an approach that works incredibly well, and often dictates what stocks are owned in the market beating BNL Portfolio.

This page includes research that leads to our stock ratings, along with updates. Anyone can read part of this content, but only BNL Members have full access to this content along with our BNL Scores and BNL Ratings sections where all price targets, ratings, and our complete list of stock coverage can be found.

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