About Us

BNL Finance is a financial news, research, opinion, and analysis site with 100s of members who pay to access the company’s comprehensive stock research and BNL Portfolio holdings and trading data. BNL Finance is the fastest growing financial content and paid membership program in its industry, backed with guaranteed results and a cancel anytime policy (learn more).

BNL Finance covers a wide range of topics from Breaking News to individual company and sector research, politics, and also some sports. BNL Finance’s Membership services are also broad, with members gaining access to BNL Special Reports, Value of the Month selections, Equity Research & Updates on more than 55 companies, and text/email notifications for the BNL Portfolio along with access to an engaged Chat in the BNL Members Only section.

BNL Finance was created by author and analyst Brian Nichols. We are located at 37 North Orange Avenue Suite 500, Orlando, FL 32801. Our phone number is (407) 488-1818.

Our published content falls in three groups:


  1. Our staff contributors publish stories on market and stock-related news. These stories offer a unique spin on whatever stories are being talked about at the moment. We then syndicate the content to our partners and provide the content to all users. However, 90% of the articles published in this group has an “Exclusive to BNL Members” section that only BNL Members can see, where additional content that is not seen by regular users is visible. BNL Finance applies all of the articles in this group to one of 10 categories.
  2. We publish “stock ratings” content to the public that includes research notes on reasons for upgrades, downgrades, or reiterations of stock ratings. There is an “Exclusive to BNL Members” section in all stock ratings content where ratings are explained with the BNL Numeric system. This is where each covered stock is measured in 10 categories from 0-10 for a cumulative score between 0 & 100 – we believe the higher the score, the better the investment. It is the approach made popular in Brian Nichols’s Tipping the Scale prior to BNL Finance’s founding. Only members have access to this content.
  3. Value of the Month and BNL Special Reports are exclusive research for members only. Our three equity analysts each publish one value of the month selection, monthly. BNL Special Reports are also published monthly.


Aside from publishing these three groups of content, BNL Finance provides a host of additional services to its Members. These include Portfolio performance and trading data to let members see what other successful investors do, and how certain investment philosophies are put to use. Furthermore, each BNL contributor adds their own unique service for members, like “Eddy’s Corner” where a 30-year handicapper gives his top NFL lines of the week or David’s Dividend Portfolio.


BNL Finance provides a mixture of financial services that appeal to every investor. We offer the essentials for company data and stock research with ticker pages for all U.S. traded entities. We offer instant analysis on the biggest market and company specific news on a daily basis. And for those who are seeking more, we have a top of the line Membership program based on Brian Nichols’s successful subscription service Tipping the Scale with coverage on more than 55 securities using Brian’s numeric research platform. That numeric research platform combined with market conditions create the BNL Portfolio, where day-to-day performance is tracked for members to see.


BNL Team

Brian Nichols

Brian Nichols

Brian Nichols is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at BNL Finance. Brian is also a contributor. For BNL Members, Brian heads the Stock Ratings service. Brian also founded the BNL Portfolio, where all trades and equity positions are tracked and presented to BNL Members.

Prior to founding BNL Finance, Brian founded and managed a popular subscription-based research service called Tipping the Scale, where 100s of investors could access stock and market research along with investing ideas based on Brian’s own personal investment philosophy. Many of the same ideas and services that made Tipping the Scale successful are behind BNL’s Membership program, only better.

Brian has published 1,000s of articles covering just about every industry of the market, and is the author of “Taking Charge With Value Investing (McGraw-Hill, 2012)”. He is known for calling bottoms and making great investments in stocks like XPO, RAD, S, FB, NFLX, AAPL, ACAD, PCYC, UA, DAL, JAZZ, and previously acquired companies like Santarus, Salix Pharmaceutucals, Questcor Pharmaceuticals, and King Digital among others. Brian’s BNL Portfolio was previously referred to as “TTS Portfolio” and “My Portfolio” on Seeking Alpha and Tipping the Scale, and has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 100% over the last year. Brian can be reached at Brian@BNLFinance.com


Roger Staton


Roger Staton is the Chief Technology Officer at BNL Finance. Roger specializes in politics and technology as a contributor to BNLFinance.com.

Roger brings a wide range of skills to BNL Finance. He is a terrific web developer who handles all ends of BNL Finance’s technology, infrastructure, and data analytic needs. His specialties are coding, graphics, and search engine optimization.

Roger is a big believer that augmented reality is the next big thing, an opinion that drives much of his investment interests. Roger invests heavily in technology and securities with large upside potential that stem from changes in political policy. Roger correctly identified the big boom in healthcare following Obamacare and changes that accelerated FDA drug approvals and insurance enrollees.


Eddy Parton 

Eddy became a Tipping the Scale favorite with his witty talk, timely discussions, and exceptional stock (and football spread) picking ability (both of which will be available to BNL members). Eddy is a contributor to BNLfinance.com and also the active manager of Eddy’s Corner, one of many services available to both BNL users and BNL Members. In Eddy’s Corner, Eddy talks NFL football and uses his experience as a 30-year handicapper to tell BNL Members whether their favorite sports team will win its upcoming game.

Eddy brings a unique perspective to BNL, trying to make as much as fast as humanly possible. His picks may be a little risky for some, but with on-the-money calls in lithium, gold, and mining stocks among others, his calls can’t be ignored. Eddy also operates the Options Tracker in BNL Finance’s Member section, where he tracks the best stock option opportunities.

David — anonymous

businessmanDavid is a contributor to BNLfinance.com. David has a “buy and hold” investment philosophy, and specializes in dividend and income investing, and high yield portfolio strategies. David’s Dividend Portfolio is a service created by David to share his investment strategy and top dividend ideas with BNL Members exclusively.

David is the owner of a medium-sized technology company, a business he started right after college. After years of hard work he grew this business into a company with annual revenue north of $30 million. David brings an entrepreneur’s mindset to investing: He looks for great investment opportunities and places a big emphasis on leadership.

David believes that “cash is king”, and that “more investments are not necessarily better investments”. David prefers fewer, but larger investments in companies he knows well while maintaining great liquidity. Nearly all of David’s public market investments are high yield stocks, which can be seen in David’s Dividend Portfolio.

LeeAna Benson

LeeAnaLeeAna Benson is the graphic designer and marketing specialist at BNL Finance, and we are lucky to have her.

LeeAna Benson is a graphic designer, illustrator and painter based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work often features environmental and global themes and has been featured in high fashion, advertising, web and fine art contexts. You can view her work and many accomplishments at leeanabenson.com.

Chad Boggs

Chad Boggs is a graphic designer and the illustrator of images found on BNLFinance.com.  Chad studied Drama at Thomas More College.  When he is not working on images at BNL Finance, Chad is building sets or acting in movies / plays, or spending time with his wife and four children in Cincinnati, OH.  Chad can be reached at Chad@BNLFinance.com

If you are interested in joining our team please email your resume and sample writings to Brian@BNLfinance.com. We are always looking for talent.