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Gotta give credit where it is due. I was skeptical about this service but figured hey, for $25 bucks, not much to lose. I followed Brian’s investments into RAD and FNMA to the tee, and I have made enough to pay for my subscription the next 20 years! Those are the only two I followed so far, but I have watched him buy and time stocks exceptionally well time and time again. There is definitely a reason the performance is so good.


BNL is unlike anything else out there. I enjoy the communication among members in the chat room. The trade notifications are awesome. And no one can deny Brian’s ability at picking stocks, or Eddy’s ability at picking football games for that matter. What’s best is that BNL gets better each week. They are constantly making changes to the appearance to make it easier to navigate, or adding new services. I noticed that Value of the Month was added last week. Before that, I saw a new dividend portfolio that is now being monitored. Brian says we are getting an app next, and that all trades will be sent directly to our iPhones and Android phones and tablets, along with an easier to access chat from mobile. That should improve conversations even more, which is something I am very excited about. Some of the great ideas come from the community, and it really does feel like that.

Miguel Ramirez

Very happy with the subscription. I like that it is more of a network with lots of people participating and suggesting ideas. I can not count how many good ideas and stocks have been presented on the chat board, let alone all the stock alerts and research. This subscription is really wonderful.


I have been a subscriber to various Agora Financial services for many years. I have also tried Rule Breakers at Motley Fool and Real Money at The Street. BNL Finance costs far less than any of these services and gives you way more. There is no other place that gives you detailed looks at big portfolios. Everyone, everywhere tells you “what they buy” but BNL tells you when they buy. That is extremely helpful. If you just follow the mobile alerts, you will make money! That alone is worth more than any other service out there. But it only one of their services. Agora, you get a couple newsletters you may not read. Real Money, you get articles. And Rule Breakers, they are wrong often. BNL is where to go


I joined for Eddy’s Corner. I paid $2,000 for a sports advisory service out in Vegas and they went 54% last year. Eddy is running 70%! I know not everyone does this, but 70% against the spread is unheard of.

Chris Mitchel

The stock recommendations have been great, I am especially happy with the timing on a large XPO purchase, by following the portfolio tracker I was able to make a 40% gain on XPO in just a few weeks. Thank you for all the good advice


I bought XPO, FB, and AMZN behind BNL’s recommendation and have done very well. Those are the only ones I have bought, but everything notification I get that recommends a stock tends to be higher two weeks later. And Eddy’s Corner is a pleasant surprise for my husband’s NFL pool at work. He goes by Eddy’s picks and has won both weeks.


I came here for Brian’s stock picks. His calls are always right on. I made a 200% return on his RAD and ALU calls a couple years back. However, the football picks are amazing. Who picks 70% against the spread? I would subscribe for either the football picks or stock picks. Both are golden and worth a lot more than $25 a month.

Nathan Blake

So far so good. I made a lot of money on David’s CHK and EOG trades. I got the notification when he bought and so did I. That trade alone paid for the subscription for 10 years.

Michael Gordan

I came over from Tipping the Scale, which is where Brian started his subscription, and BNL is night and day better. On TTS we used a Google Sheet along with a platform for content and chat. It was very confusing. Brian put it all on one, added text notifications, and brought on four very talented people to help.

Thomas Meyer
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