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BNL Membership – $85 / Month

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Alerts. You know when a trade is made in all three managed portfolios with application, text, and email alerts
Results. Our 10 highest rated stocks outperformed the market by 134% last year
Unrivaled Performance. Regardless of your strategy, our expert team outperforms all others.
Transparency. Verifiable trade records for the BNL Portfolio, David’s Dividends, & Eddy’s Options
Live Chat. Join 100s of other members in an exclusive Members Only section.
Access. Unlock all hidden content on BNLFinance.com & BNLMarketAnalytics.com
Research. Coverage on 70 Companies from the collaboration of 6 analysts.
Growth. We are the fastest growing financial research platform on the planet, and we reinvest in our service.

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The BNL Portfolio

A Value, Growth, Results Driven Approach

  • Know what stocks are in the BNL Portfolio**
  • Actively managed by McGraw-Hill author, equity analyst Brian Nichols
  • Get Email and Text alerts anytime a stock is bought or sold in the BNL Portfolio
  • Access the “Portfolio Tracker”, where five years of beating the market is documented

Performance is a reflection of Brian Nichols’s investments in the BNL Portfolio


David’s Dividend Portfolio

An income-focused, high yield investment strategy

  • Know what holdings are in David’s Dividend Portfolio**
  • Get Email and Text alerts anytime a security in bought or sold in David’s Dividend Portfolio


Eddy’s Options

An aggressive, high risk high reward trading strategy that includes options & leverage

  • Get email and text alerts anytime Eddy buys or sells an option


BNL Stock Research

Each stock is measured in 10 categories from 0-10 for a cumulative score up to 100. The higher the score, the better the investment.

  • All Membership plans includes access to the BNL Research Platform
  • More than 50 stock under coverage
  • Short-term, 12-month outlooks that often differ from the long-term rating of a stock.
  • A proven record of success, as illustrated below.
Security Holding Period Buy Sell Gains
Rite Aid (RAD) 2012-2016 $1.23 $8.37 580%
Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ) 2009-2011 $6.70 $29.60 341%
Pharmacyclics (PCYC) 2011-2015 $39.00 $170.01 335%
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) 2013-2016 $6.00 $24.87 315%
XPO Logistics (XPO) 2012-2016 $13.00 $47.59 266%
Facebook (FB) 2012-2014 $22.50 $80.00 255%
Skechers (SKX) 2014-2015 $14.00 $49.00 250%
Sprint (S) 2011-2013 $2.30 $8.00 247%
Kroger (KR) 2011-2015 $12.00 $37.00 208%
Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) 2012-2015 $1.38 $3.91 183%
Netflix (NFLX) 2011-2014 $25.00 $61.00 144%
Apple (AAPL) 2011-2016 $50.00 $115.19 130%
Fannie Mae (FNMA) 2016 $1.95 $4.22 116%
Relypsa (RLYP) 2016 $18.20 $32.00 75%
United States Steel (X) 2016 $14.80 $26.10 75%
Salix Pharmaceuticals 2013-2014 $78.00 $134.00 72%