Easy Equipment Financing With Bad Credit: The Ultimate Guide

    Equipment financing can be a lifesaver for many businesses, but faced with bad credit, it can be hard to achieve. Read on how to get equipment loans for bad credit.


    • Know when to seek equipment financing.
    • Leasing and Loans are two financing options available.
    • Get a cosigner
    • Check your existing bank relationship
    • Increase your down payment
    • Use a collateral
    • Get your business plan ready
    • Try online lenders

    Purchasing new equipment for a company can be an expensive proposition. The equipment is vital, but other company costs need to be factored in, including employee wages, sales and marketing, and other operating expenses. There is an alternative, however. Industrial equipment loans for bad credit can provide the necessary equipment to sustain operations without the high up-front costs. There are several factors to consider whether buying or financing is the best option, though.

    When to Seek Equipment Financing With Bad Credit

    Start-up companies are frequently short on capital, no matter what type of company. While it may seem overwhelming to have enough funds to get the equipment needed, equipment loans for bad credit supplies a way to get the heavy machinery necessary without funneling large amounts of money away from the business. Even established business owners can benefit from purchasing or replacing existing equipment with a financing plan in today’s economy.

    Types of Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

    There are two basic types of equipment financing bad credit; leasing and business loans. Either can provide a company with the backhoes, bulldozers, and dump trucks needed, but both work differently. Each method has its pros and cons, and the type of financing chosen usually depends on the business owner’s needs and the personal resources they can draw on.

    Equipment Financing With Leasing For Bad Credit

    Equipment financing bad credit through leasing is similar to the way a consumer would lease a car. The business owner chooses the equipment they want and then pays to “borrow” the equipment from the dealership. It is generally little or no down payment for the machinery, and it may be a smart option when cash flow is limited. Payments are usually broken out throughout the lease, and there is often an option to purchase at the end of the terms. There is also no collateral necessary as the equipment itself is the collateral.

    The Negatives of Leasing

    There are some negative aspects of equipment financing leasing. Business owners may not see leasing as a wise option because any made payments do not favor ownership of the machinery. In addition, a continuous partnership with the dealership is needed to retain or replace the equipment. The benefits frequently outweigh the negatives, however.

    Equipment Financing Loans for Bad Credit

    Another option for industrial equipment financing is a loan. An equipment loans for bad credit might require a down payment and some form of collateral. This is done to prevent someone from defaulting on the loan. At the end of the terms, however, the business owner is the titled owner of the equipment. Loans may be provided by a bank, the equipment manufacturer, the dealership, or other financier.

    Industrial equipment financing may be the only way a new business can get the machinery they need to start the company. It is essential to understand all the options available before deciding which type of financing is best. Research the terms and conditions before signing anything and chose a reputable company to deal with. However, equipment loans for bad credit may be the perfect way to get a business going.

    How to Get Equipment Financing With Bad Credit

    Using Collateral

    Collateral has always been one of the easiest ways to get equipment financing bad credit. Most lending institutions would request that you provide about 20% down payment, and it is usually paired with the value of needed equipment. Also, note that there may be stricter requirements, but most times, providing collateral does a bulk of the work.

    Check With Your Existing Bank or Lending Institution Relationship

    If you’re an established business, it would be best to check for financing options through your existing bank relationship. Depending on your financial institution, you might qualify for a discount program or other perks which might only be available to existing customers.

    Get Your Business Plan Ready

    Submitting a business plan would depend on the financial institution. If you need an equipment loan with bad credit, you might be asked to provide a business plan which shows you have a tangible outlined strategy of paying back the equipment loans for bad credit. Also, note that your business plan should contain your company financials which is mainly requested and can increase your chances of getting equipment financing with bad credit

    Make a Larger Down Payment

    If you have bad credit, you’re automatically unattractive to lenders, and to change this situation, you need to make your offer attractive. This can be done by increasing the down payment for the loan amount if you can. This also can result in a smaller monthly repayment plan, thereby reducing the repayment pressures.

    Online Lenders Can Be Best For You

    Traditional lending institutions can have stricter requirements that you might not be able to meet for equipment financing bad credit. If this is the situation with you, you can check with online lenders. Online lenders provide equipment loans for bad credit with lesser requirements, but their loans usually come with high-interest rates. You should perform an extensive search for the lender that would be a perfect fit for your financing needs.

    Get a Cosigner

    Since you have bad credit, one of the ways you can increase your chances of financing your equipment purchase s by getting a credit-worthy cosigner. Loan applicants with cosigners with significant assets have an increased chance of being approved for the loan, but there is a downside. Your cosigner will be given the same level of responsibility, which means if you default on the loan repayment, it will affect your cosigner’s credit score as well.


    Finding an equipment loans for bad credit might seem like an uphill task, but in reality, it isn’t. We suggest that you take the time to understand the specific loan amount you need and evaluate the options available to you. By doing this, you’ll be reducing time and resources spent on your hunt and increase your chances of equipment financing bad credit approval.

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