A Letter to BNL Members: What’s Ahead In Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence?

- July 2, 2017

The last year has been nothing short of incredible for BNL Members. The BNL Portfolio has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 by 200%. So despite having some losers (i.e. Kroger), our winners and the diversification of those winning stocks (vs the losers) has been great enough to yield unprecedented results.

With that said, the month of July is going to be transformative. Most know that we have invested significant resources to build and develop HADE Platform. This is an enterprise service that BNL Members have access too, with transformative services ahead. Only members who are active as of July 31 will maintain the access to HADE moving forward.

In this letter, I want to talk about these “services”, ensure that all members have access to HADE Platform, and set up demos for anyone who is unsure how to use HADE. Furthermore, we will discuss our advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data visualization, all of which are true breakthroughs in the field of equity research.

Let’s talk machine learning to predict revenue and EPS

This is what I am real excited to talk about. I have put together an incredible staff of 25 people with a variety of different talents.

Two of those individuals are Arpit Gambhir and Ajinkya Lahade, computer engineers with a focus in machine learning.

What attracted me to Ajinkya and Arpit was a past project where they predicted credit card fraud with 98% accuracy, from 100s of thousands of charges. Let me say that again, Arpit and Ajinkya built machine learning software that predicted credit card fraud with 98% accuracy!

Therefore, I had an idea: If Arpit and Ajinkya can predict fraud with such great success, surely they can predict actual company revenue and EPS based on past performance and analyst expectations.

It was not that easy, but with 100s of variables and a lot of collaboration, they are doing an incredible job! You can track their early results and monitor their performance over the next couple months here.

The great thing about machine learning is that it gets smarter and actually “learns” with input. We are beating Wall Street at predicting future performance, and my guess is that this performance will only get better. For this one quarter only, our testing period, we have made the results and predictions available to all.

In future quarters, the performance and predictions will only be available for HADE Platform subscribers and BNL Members.

On to artificial intelligence for real time analysis on 1000s of stocks

This page shows an Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) report created by our artificial intelligence, NIC. The report was generated instantly with real time data by an actual robot. Once perfected, outdated research reports that are months, weeks, even days behind will be obsolete, as NIC can produce the most detailed analysis ever presented that is also real time.

NIC’s Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) report (HERE).

The reason is simple: We track data that no equity database cares to track, such as iPhone unit sales, Americas revenue, and all the segment, product, and unique data that goes into creating a company like Apple. Our competitors all stop at income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.

While that alone was a breakthrough, it was just one example of NIC’s power and capabilities. We created NIC to completely disrupt the entire equity research industry, and that’s what this patented technology is going to do.

By the end of July, NIC will rate 1000s of stocks in real time. You will instantly be able to find the best value/growth stocks, the best dividend stocks, or the safest stocks among other types. Currently, we use a numeric research platform on BNL Finance that determines what stocks go in the BNL Portfolio. NIC’s stock ratings are based on the same notion. It uses a number system where nearly 200 different factors are measured, some positively and some negatively affecting the “score” of a stock.

I’ll give you an example: When we first started developing this program we simply created rules and each rule was worth “+1”. The goal was to let NIC and our machine learning algorithms determine which rules were more important to the underlying cause (dividend, safety, value, or growth). Today, the point scale ranges from -5 to +6, and top ranked stocks in each category are very much what we would expect, as the algorithms and rules were created by successful investors and analysts.

That said, one of the biggest questions I get is “why use machine learning and artificial intelligence?” Why not just human analysis? The answer for me is rather simple: Humans are emotional. We don’t like to admit when wrong, and will hold onto a bad stock for months if it means holding onto our initial thesis that led us to an investment. Hell, look how long I held onto Fitbit (NYSE:FIT).

Another reason: Humans can’t possibly provide real time analysis on 1,000s of stocks. That’s why reports from Morningstar, TheStreet, and others are dated, sometimes by several months.

Albeit, it might take months to perfect, but I have no doubt we will get there. At the very least, these rankings can go hand-in-hand with secondary or primary analysis to form conclusions. After all, NIC will still produce 30-50 page research reports that go well beyond a simple rating. However, the service will be available, and can provide a great starting point to finding investments you may not have otherwise known about.

How to use these stock ratings

By the end of July, stock ratings will be incorporated into HADE, algorithms and machine learning that builds on the successful techniques used to create the BNL Portfolio. And we are thrilled to show it off.

Keep in mind that a security like AAPL stock may score a 90 as a value/growth investment, and a 50 as a dividend stock. It is the investors job to take that information and apply it. Maybe the dividend aspect isn’t that important, or maybe you seek more balance. The key is that you have the information, and can make more informed investment decisions.  In other words, HADE Platform is investing made easy, giving you the ability to quickly learn and analyze a company unlike ever before.

Where we are going

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