Weekend Blitz: FNMA Stock, Alibaba Stock, RAD, ACAD, & XPO Logistics Must Read Stories

- June 10, 2017

The Weekend Blitz is a weekly summary of our biggest stories coupled with must know news for BNL Members. In this week’s edition we are looking at the reason for a recent trade in the BNL Portfolio with Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD); why RH (NYSE:RH) earnings makes the stock more attractive than its been in a while; and two top BNL picks in XPO Logistics Inc (NYSE:XPO) and Alibaba stock that have played out to perfection.

Furthermore, we will look at two recent, beaten down stocks in ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACAD) and FNMA stock to explain why now is the time to buy. First, let’s look at must-know news for BNL Members.

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning is here for equity research

Last week we detailed and shared the developments surrounding our artificial intelligence on HadePlatform.com, named NIC. We explained what we believe is the biggest breakthrough in equity research history. I urge everyone to read this story, as HadePlatform.com access is FREE with your BNL Membership.

One final note: Our machine learning experts, Arpit Gambhir and Ajinya Lahade have created machine learning software with NIC that will predict actual revenue within a half percent. These are the same guys who built fraud detection software that predicted credit card fraud with 98% accuracy! We will begin testing this software next week with Kroger, and will track progress over the next two months before launching the official program on HadePlatform.com.

We are testing with 35 companies and hope to expand our machine learning, artificial intelligence program to all S&P 500 components within the next six months. We will then expand to EPS within the next two months. Like I said, massive breakthrough!

XPO Logistics and Alibaba stock do what’s expected

We said when XPO Logistics Inc (NYSE:XPO) was trading at $20 last year, that it would see $50 by year’s end. Then, had a $75 price target by end of 2017. We once more reiterated this Strong Buy outlook last week with XPO Logistics stock at $57. In that article, we explain why XPO Logistics stock is eventually headed to $100. This truly is just the start (read here).

We have had a Strong Buy rating on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) since it traded at $66/share, and had a $150 price target for 2017. With gains of 60% this year, Alibaba stock is well on its way to reaching that target. Last week before Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) provided full year guidance, we explained why Alibaba stock was poised to deliver large returns long-term.

The company has a multitude of catalysts with accelerated growth in many areas. This, along with Alipay being worth far more than advertised is why Alibaba stock will keep soaring higher (read more here).

4 stocks are attractive: RH, ACAD, Rite Aid, and FNMA stock

The terms have certainly changed for Fannie Mae (OTCMKTS:FNMA), or FNMA stock. A victory in court was never going to happen, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had talked many times about GSE reform and setting the likes of Fannie Mae free from government conservatorship. Now that his budget is largely tied to net profit sweeps from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, his tune has changed greatly. We explained this last week, here.

Nonetheless, FNMA stock has been cut in half from its peak last year. However, there is literally no way that the status quo can stay in place forever. It just can’t. And while I don’t know how a free market solution will be found; how Fannie Mae will handle its many lawsuits; or when it will be recapitalized, I do know it will eventually happen. In retrospect, the upside in owning a small position of FNMA stock is too great to pass up (read more here).

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACAD) value has plummeted from its peak, but with ACAD stock near $25/share last week, we told BNL Members it was near the bottom. We added that those with plans to own ACAD stock who did not currently own the stock would be wise to buy now. We explained that the long-term upside in ACAD stock was too great to worry about timing the bottom, and that based on its past trajectory, $25/share was near the bottom (read more here).

For the record, ACAD stock bottom on Thursday at $25.10 and now sits at $27.40/share.

The reasons to buy Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD) are piling up. You couldn’t tell it by the performance in RAD. However, when you consider that RAD stock trades at less than 7x last year’s operating income; is getting at least $325 million from Walgreens in a breakup fee (10% of market cap); and will refocus all its energy to compete with Walgreens, not join them, and there’s no question Rite Aid stock looks marvelous at $3/share.

These are among a long list of reasons we added RAD stock to the BNL Portfolio last Friday, when everyone else was selling, and have a very specific ownership plan in place (read more here).

With RH (NYSE:RH) falling 20% and hovering slightly above $40, we told BNL Members that this is the first time in a long time that RH stock owners have a real reason to be excited. The reason can be seen in the above chart from HadePlatform.com.

RH’s growth is legitimately accelerating, the buyback catalyst is real, and RH stock has given investors a great entry point following recent loss. We said this with RH under $45. Already, it is trading near $51, but fortunately, RH still looks good (read more here).

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    Weekend Blitz: FNMA Stock, Alibaba Stock, RAD, ACAD, & XPO Logistics Must Read Stories

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