How President-Elect Donald Trump Won The Election

- January 3, 2017

How did President-elect Donald Trump win the election surprising most people?  Because people are fed up with the same old same old. The more the Main Street Establishment tried to take him down, the stronger he became.  Most of the establishment was against him, and that includes the media for the most part.

How did all the polls and pundits predict President-elect Donald Trump would lose this Election?

donald-trumpAlmost all the polling companies and media predicted President-elect Donald Trump would lose in a landslide. On top of all that you had the Stop-Trump movement that included Bill Crystal and George Will among others.  They even ran a candidate from Utah,  just to try to win a State or two in order to deny him the Presidency.  Everything they tried backfired,  including Mitt Romney’s give a speech calling Donald Trump a Con-Artist and unfit to hold office.

President-elect Donald Trump mastered the use of social media.  He spoke directly to the people in words and language they understood.  What language is that?  Speaking directly to what the working middle class wanted to hear, and for a multi-billionaire he spoke their language very well.

President-elect Donald Trump talked openly like a lot of people talk behind closed doors.  He spoke like he was sitting in a bar in the middle of Steel Town in Pennsylvania.  Nothing he said or did stuck to him,  he could say anything and his people liked it.  Not all people of course, in fact not a majority of people.  Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8M votes.  But we are not a pure Democracy, we are a Republic.  In fact in the last 7 Presidential elections, Democrats have won the popular vote 6 times.

Where people lying to Pollsters?

One theory is that people would not admit they were going to vote for Donald Trump.  When a pollster would call them they would say I’m not voting for him but my neighbor is.  That might count for some of it but not 3%-4%.  There was more going on than that.

Was it because of these Fake News stories that we have been hearing about?  Maybe that was some of it,  since it was all over Facebook.

How about the Russians?

Another theory is the Russians hacked into some voting machines.  They were for Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton.  But as President-elect Donald Trump pointed out,  in his artful way,  it could have been the Russians, Chinese or some 400 pound guy sitting on his bed.  Nonetheless, there is zero evidence that any hacking of machines occurred at this time.

Democrats had the White House

History was on the Republicans side from the beginning of this election cycle.  Very few times in our history does the same party hold the White House 3 times in a row.  In recent history, former President Ronald Reagan(R) held the office for two terms.  Then George Bush Sr.(R) was elected,  but the “Read my lips, No New Taxes” was his downfall.

Bill Clinton (D) beat him that election cycle and held the office for two terms. After that we got another Bush, this time Former President George Bush Jr.(R) who held the office for two terms. Again, the Presidency was handed back to the Democrats when President Barrack Obama(D) won beating Senator John McCain(R) and then former Gov. Mitt Romney(R) for a second term.

So why did Donald Trump win against all odds?

It’s really rather simple.  Donald Trump was underestimated from the beginning all the way until election day.  He employed a Nationalist/Populist theme that was music to peoples ears.

Stop the bleeding of American jobs to other countries just so a company can make 10.5B instead of 10.4B.  Put America First for a change, not everybody else.  Stock Price isn’t everything, most people are worried about making it to the next paycheck.

Saving American Jobs and Bringing them back to America was the number one issue.  Fair trade instead of outright Free Trade where Americans have been taken to the cleaners for the last 20 years.  Sold down the river by both Democrats and Republicans in collusion with Multi-National Corporations.

The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)

This was a good idea to try and get everyone coverage for low cost.  It was first introduced by the Conservative Think Tank, the Heritage Foundation.  Even former Gov Mitt Romney introduced it and passed a very similar version in Massachusetts.

However, this just isn’t working and a new version or outright appeal is coming.  But, even if it’s appealed outright don’t hold your breath that your insurance rates are going to suddenly go back down.  The cost of medical procedures and prescription drugs etc etc will still be here.  Before Obamacare was even passed the cost of insurance had been going up to the tune of 10-15% a year for several years.  Obamacare was an attempt to stop that and it was unsuccessful.

Ready for the next chapter,  your turn Republicans.

Build a Wall

Build a wall and protect our borders so we know who is in this Country.  Stop meddling in every single flare up around the World.  People are tired of War,  especially in the Middle East where they have been fighting for thousands of years.  Stop spending Trillions of dollars on them and rebuild our infrastructure.  Put Americans back to work in manufacturing,  not service jobs.  We have become a majority service society.

The bottom of the list was social issues for a change.  Economics were put first and people saw Hillary Clinton as another four years of nothing. That is why Donald J Trump will be our next President Of The United States for better or worse.  Only time will tell.

Just as Part 1 was an Editorial piece, so is Part 2. It’s an attempt to explain why and how Donald Trump won . Neither the Author nor BNL Finance necessarily agree with any statements or opinions made in this article.  Please direct any comments to the section below,  Thank You


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